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Tuesday, April 15, 2014




I wanted to let you know about my new website which is  These products are all natural and they are chemical free.
The cleaning products really do work It is just Norwex micro fiber cloths and H20 that is it
I love them I do not have to worry about scents because there is no scents and since there is no scents I do not have to worry about my children or my pets
They pick up hair dust and they really clean
My two favorite products are the Spiri Sponge and the purple window polishing cloth
The Window polishing cloth is what I call a Godsend.  I went to town on my windows with water and a swoosh with the Window polishing micro fiber cloth and water.  Everything came off including my dog's snout marks on my windows.
I used this also for a glass stove top that I had that was just need of  a good cleaning.  I just sprayed the glass top stove with water and wiped the cloth everything came off minimal effort  and the shine was fantastic.  I even think my son borrowed it to use on his golf clubs.  When he saw how well the stove top looked he asked me what I used I told him about the micro fiber cloth the next day no more cloth was laying on the stove.  I asked everyone but everyone said no they have not seen it but I know he borrowed it and liked it and it became his.  I thankfully do have others I can use.
The Spiri Sponge I like a lot because I use this for my bathroom sink once again all i need is the sponge and water.
There are many other products to choose from .  These products really help with people like me with allergies the Micro Fiber Cloths pick up dust dirt and they clean.  Please go to my website and go to products and try some of the Micro Fiber  Cloths and see how well they can work for you

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Skinner's Salve


Skinner's Salve is fantastic.  this salve takes care of any need you might have for pain relief or even mosquito bites.

I began using Skinner's Salve for itchy skin it was amazing.  It took the itch out right away.   This product is completely all natural.

I began to use it for any type of ailment I  had even headaches.   I would just put it on my far head rub it in and presto no more pain

I have now a frozen shoulder that I  am in pain almost every day
I thought well it worked for my other ailments mind as well  see if it will work for this
The one day I was in so much pain I was seeing stars and crying out loud.
I grabbed the jar and began putting it on my shoulder.  I was not really thinking it would work.  It did and then some, no more pain no more stiffness .  I could move my shoulder

I use it for sinus problems mosquito bites pain in any area and it goes away in a very short amount of time.

I have a friend staying with us, she does not have any dental or health insurance. She  is trying to get some now.  Her wisdom teeth were coming in and she was in sheer pain.  she was taking Advil and a few other things to help the  pain.
She said to me I can not take anything else but I am still in so much pain.  I said to her here take this my Skinner's Salve.  She does not believe in natural products.   I said you have nothing else to lose try it.  I said to her do not put it in the inside of your mouth put it around your sinuses and your jar line and your cheeks .  She said to me you are nuts how is this going to help me?  It is in my tooth.  I said just try it.  She put it on her face where i had told her to put it.   She  looked at me like I had 3 heads.  In about 15 minutes later she said to me what is in this stuff?  It is relieving the pain
There is  no more throbbing pain. I explained to her that it is just petroleum and natural herbs .
  I do not like to take Advil or any type of pain medications,   because of the chance of having gluten in it.  I use this all the time now and it just works
The website is
I wanted to let you know about it in case you feel the same way that I do to get products that work and are natural to relieve what ails you

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Norwex Cleaning Products


Norwex is an online company that sells all natural organic cleaning products.  There are 2 reasons in particular why I love this company.  The products clean all by microfiber cloths.  All you need is the cloths and if you have stubborn spots a little water.
I was a  little bit skeptical about cleaning just with cloths and not any other cleaning products.  The company claims that you can clean your whole house with these cloths.  They say that this way you do not need paper towels any more or any other cleaning products.
They have a special for February join as a consultant and you will receive 3 of their cloths and 2 sponges plus a website for free for two months. and after the two months is up you just pay 9.95 a month if you still want it.
I thought this is a win win situation I can join find out if I really like the products and find out if  I want to go on with it.
I received my starter kit and I love love the products.  I first tried the purple cloth which is meant for windows .  My bay windows were a disgrace, my  dog likes to sit on the window sill and guard our house with any one approaching which is great, but with doing this when someone does come I have smudges all over my windows and dog paw prints.  I have tried other products and they mainly just made smearing marks.  When I received  my package I decided to put this to the test.  I put a little water on one end of the cloth and began cleaning the inside and outside of the windows.  They all came off with minimal effort and they  look spectacular.  The shine was just beautiful, it was like I just brought in a little bit more sunshine in..  
My next task was cleaning our sinks in the bathroom.  I  have 4 adults living in my house but some times it is like I  have 4 children in the house.  I took out the sponge wet it and began cleaning.  Once again minimal
effort and clean but the shine was unreal.
My husband came home from work and said I appreciate that you  thought of having a professional cleaner come in but can we really afford that at this time  You  have always made the house look nice you  do not have to have the extra expense of having a professional cleaner come in. It does look great but save the money.
I told him I did not have a professional cleaner come in.  I tried a new product that is all natural.  He said you did all this the house it  is so bright and so clean but then he said ok how much  did it cost you to have the products.  I told him the products were free that I just joined this company and for the month of February it is free and it is reusable so there is no extra costs.   He said ok then lets see how this all works .   He never wants to clean and he began cleaning.  He said I can not believe these cloths clean everything.  They are great.  Can you get more and I  will take them to the store to clean it.  If you would like to know more about this company and how you can either join the company or get some of these products.   Please go to my website and see for yourself how great these products are.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Happy Mixer new gluten free bakery in Chalfont Pennsylvania


I  found a fantastic all gluten free bakery in Chalfont PA
This bakery is like a fairy tale land bakery, it is like you just landed in a magical city of gluten free delights.
The whole bakery is gluten free.
The owners did a great job of making their bakery a delight to walk into
The husband of the duo team is gluten intolerant and he really made sure that he knew everything there was to know about having  sweet morsel of his products to  be safe and tolerant for people on a gluten free diet.
He had a very successful bakery and when he himself became gluten intolerant he decided he had to close down his bakery.
He worked for 2 years making different recipes of his baking goods gluten free.  His wife who is not gluten intolerant he had her taste his products.  When she finally said yes to  everything a star was born with the opening of his bakery..  He  called his bakery The Happy Mixer after his wife  ( Lisa )
Tim  Mouer is the baker he has baked all his products to perfection.  I stopped in a week ago and felt like I said before that I  was in a winter wonderland of sweet delights.  When I came into their bakery I  asked them can you tell me what products are gluten free?  They laughed and said everything is gluten free.  I  looked around and I was so excited I felt like it was Christmas all over again.  I felt like a little kid again don't tell any one but I am now 53
When I came in Tim and his wife ( Lisa )  really made me feel special and they explained how their bakery got started and how they are so very particular about everything  that goes into their  sweet gluten free delights.  He does not let any of his employees bring anything into the bakery that has gluten in it.  This is  mandatory that no gluten is able to come into the bakery or eaten in their bakery.  They let their employees know about this when they are hired.
Lisa is a school teacher and after she teaches for the day  she comes to the bakery to help out her husband.  
I bought a few things and they had given me many samples  to try.  These products are in a word magnificent.
I love this bakery I hope you will stop in and see how great it really is  
Please come and see Tim and Lisa Mouer at The Happy Mixer
                                                                      4275 County Line RD
                                                                      Chalfont PA  18914
                                                                      267 663 7209

They will be vendors at The Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group's meeting at the Abington Memorial Hospital on March 21st
                                                                                                                                     1200 Old York RD
                                                                                                                                     Lensfest Pavillion                                                                                                                                          First Floor
                                                                                                                                     Abington PA
                                                                                                                                     19002 at 5:45-7:30

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group Website


I just started a website for The Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group
I am the president of this group and it is a fantastic group
We meet twice a year once in March and once in October at the Abington Memorial Hospital
This support group is fantastic it is run by all volunteers that really work very hard to make sure that everyone at the meeting gets the support they need.
Please take a look at our new website so that you can learn more about our special group.
The website is
I hope you like this website and the group I am in  as much as I do

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Uncle Harrys Products


I love  love Uncle Harrys all natural products, their website is
They have virtually everything for skin care, they have simple organic ingredients  in there products.
My favorite products is the African Hair care Organic  Coconut  Oil .  It has in it coconut oil Hemp oil, burdock root nettes essential oils of geranium, lavender lemon rosemary and tea tree oil.  It smells amazing.
I also love their All natural Body Buffer Scrub.  This product is in a word amazing.  I have what you call alligator skin because I  think from  having both Type 1   Diabetes and also Celiac Disease.  This  product has done wonders for me.  I just wash with Uncle Harry's powdered soap then afterwards slather this on while being in the shower.  It smells so good.  I used the Citrus Delight.  It looks and feels like a solid coconut oil but with a lot of salt to it.  You just take a bit out rub it together on your hands and smooth it all over your body but  of course make sure it does not go into your eyes and rinse. This product is also great as a beauty treatment for your face.    Instantly my skin comes alive and smells wonderful.  my skin feels soft smooth and looks great.  Usually after I take a shower after about an hour I  am scratching away and my skin becomes red and hot, not with this product my skin stays well hydrated.  The ingredients are Sea Salt Apricot Kernel oil  orange, lemon and lime essential oils.  This is I feel my favorite of all their products.  My next favorite product is the African Hair Care Shampoo.  This is made with African Black Soap.  The full ingredients are African black Soap Castile  Soap Apple Cider Vinegar Organic Virgin Shea Butter hemp oil and essential oils of lavender rosemary lemon tea tree oil.  They have tooth paste powders that I also love and one of my top favorites is their Oatmeal and Coconut Soap Powder.  This  I love it comes in a small container and you just put a little soap powder in the palm of your hand mix some water  to it and there you have a rich creamy indulgent soap.  It comes in Peppermint and Lavender scents..  I personally love them both but if I  had to pick one over the other I  love the Peppermint the best it smells like a Peppermint and white chocolate scent to me.  This product I also love because if you are on a camping trip or even just in a long car ride you an pull this product out put a little in your hands mix with a bottle of some spring water and you can feel clean and refreshed without having to find a bathroom on the side of the  road or just running into a pit stop some where you have everything you need right with you .    One of the things I love about Uncle Harry's products is that they have a couple different sizes of their products.  So that if you are not sure if you would like a product you can just try out the smaller size and see how great it is and then get the bigger size.  Their products are extremely economical.   Their packaging is simple not fancy but the products themselves are fancy and amazing you will not be sorry.   My advise to you is to go ahead and try out these fantastic products..  The website once again is  I do not work for this company at all I wish I did . I just wanted to let you know how great their products work.  I also have paid for every product I tried out.

Thank you again

Ellen Gaffney      

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Gluten Free Song By Terri Mann

I found this song the other day on the internet and loved it and thought I would let you hear it.  I think it is great it really shows what we go through every day.
This was in an article in the Examiner newspaper and also in Huffington Post  newspaper   in October of this year
I hope you like it as much as I do.
Just hit this icon and then the arrow button to hear it and of course make sure your speakers on your computer are on
If for some reason it does not work just copy and paste it but it should work

Thank you 

Ellen Gaffney