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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Babassu Shampoo Bar by Soap For Goodness Sake


I just found a fantastic caring company called Soap For Goodness Soap
I tried their Babassu Shampoo & Body Bar.  This is an unscented Shampoo and Body Bar.  It is rich and luxurious filled with lots of lather.   It feels soft and supple on the skin.  It is unscented like I said before but even though it is unscented it still just smells natural and wholesome to the body
To me it feels like you can conquer anything that needs to be taken care of  for the day and at the same time it just lets you destress  and relax all your troubles away
My skin and hair look fabulous and feel fabulous.  As you know I have all gray hair with having all gray hair your hair can feel good but not look dried out.  This shampoo and body bar nourishes conditions and strengthens my hair.  It is full of shine and  bounce .  When I used it the other day before hand since it is the winter's months my hair looked flat and un interesting .  I used this shampoo body bar and it was like my body and hair did a jump start.  I looked in the mirror and I had Vavoom hair without looking too much.  I love volume and with gray hair you do not usually get that unless you put tons of product in and when you are done it looks great but your hair is a greasy mess,  The Babassu bar I  do not have to do anything it does it all for me.  It is full of volume shine bounce and in a word love.
When my husband came home from work he said to me you look great but I  thought we agreed we would be cutting back .  I said I did  it is all from this
little master piece of heaven in this shampoo bar.  
He said I got to tell you you really look great
Along with the great results no reactions in most cases especially if  I use shampoo bars I break out or I get itchy bumps on my scalp.  All I got from this shampoo bar was love from the inside out
I hope you will think about purchasing the Babssu Shampoo Body bar
Their website is
They have many other products too.  I will be trying out next their Pumpkin Complexion Facial bar

Ellen Gaffney    .    

Sunday, December 28, 2014

100% Percent Pure Products

                                           100% Percent Pure Products

I just found the kingdom of all websites for products that I can use without  having
to worry about having allergies to skincare products
The website is
I have not tried all the products but I have tried the Voluminous Mint & Kelp Shampoo.  I loved it no allergies.The shampoo made my hair very shinny and full of body.  My hair looked like tiny sparks of light firing through each strand of hair.
My hair was so soft and smooth.  My grey hair with most shampoos it looks dry but with this shampoo it looked well moisturized and in good condition.      I also tried the Body Butter Cream and their Fruit Pigmented 100% Natural Juicy Lip Gloss  The color I chose is Mauvely Lip Gloss   Love it  It turned out a very pale Mauve which I love with almost silver undertones to it which looks great with my hair.  I have stopped coloring my hair so now it is different degrees of silver  with darker and lighter undertones of the silver. The lip gloss brings more coloring to my face and skin tone. The lip gloss  brings out more of the natural silver  highlights in my hair.
All the products are gluten free except the Mascara.  They have everything shampoos conditioners creams lotions Make up  such as lipsticks, lip glosses foundation blushes. They even have nail polishes.  They also have baby products for newborns and kids.
These products are super moisturizing and all natural.

The products are a bit pricey but well worth it to find products that do not have any issues with sensitivities in skin care.

When you purchase any of their products they do send out samples for you to  try with your purchase.  I purchased one of their lip glosses and they sent out to me samples of their body creams and their Mint Kelp Voluminous shampoo.

I loved the lip gloss made out of fruit for the coloring.  It was super moisturizing and the color was beautiful and lasted.  I was at one of my families Christmas parties and I had a lot of compliments on the color.  I usually do not wear make up  but I decided to do it since I had the lip gloss.  I was amazed how it made me feel and look .

I hope you will think about looking at their company  and purchasing one of these great products.  They are having a 20% off sale on all their products from December 26- Wednesday December 31st. You will see more about this on their website.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Norwex Products


                                              Norwex Products

Norwex Products are products that are simple easy to use cleaning products
I love love these products.  All you need to clean a sink or a counter is one of their microfiber cloths and water.  This is all I need to clean my whole house.
The microfiber cloths  I do not know how they do it but they clean like nothing I have ever seen.
My son who is not into doing anything natural  he makes fun of me all the time
Last week I was looking all over for my water bottle and my microfiber cloth and low and behold I find it with him cleaning his car with it.
His car now looks like a brand new car when it is over 14 years old now.
What i also like but these cloths is that when they are dirty you just plop them into your washer and wash them accept they do suggest that you use a natural detergent
They have also microfiber glass cleaners for eye glasses.

You have got to see all these great products take a look at my website.  They are fantastic.
My website is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Snap Insulin Pump by Asante


There is a new insulin pump on the market and it is fantastic.  It is called the Snap Insulin Pump by Asante and it really is a snap to use .  This pump makes life so much easier for people with Type 1 or even Type 2  Diabetes.  You do not have to put in batteries to it and it  is the only pump that uses glass cartridges of Humalog insulin.  They also say that you will never have any air bubbles in the pump  so less chances of having higher blood sugars.  
I have always have good A1C's but with this pump I think they will be even better.  The Asante Snap Insulin Pump does not say that if you go on this pump you will have better A1C's but for me I know I will.  I already have had to do some adjustments with my basil rates.  For me this pump is fun to be on.  My first time changing the insulin pump cartridge I was so surprised how easy it was.  You have three pieces of equipment.  The controller,  the Body compartment which is where the Cartridge goes in and has the battery to it and the Insulin Cartridge.  The body compartment is disposable so you always have a new battery .  You just put a cartridge of Humalog insulin into the Body compartment .  You then just put on your tubing to the Cartridge of insulin then snap the Body compartment into the controller  compartment.  Then you just prime then go to the screen for the Cannula and prime the Cannula and you are done.    The one thing that I really love about this pump is that you push one button and you are on the Status screen seeing all the information that you want to know.  I love love this pump.
They are having a special right now you go on the pump for a month free of charge, they give you all the supplies you will need.  They say that it could be less then a month to try it out depending on how much insulin you take.
You get to see if you like it.  After 1 day of being on it I  jumped on it.   I told my sales rep put the papers through I want this pump.  They are also having a special right now that if you decide to go on the pump  then if your pump is still under warranty  then most insurances will not cover another pump but with this pump if you are still under warranty all you do is tell the representative that you want to go on the pump and they will give you a form to fill out to trade in the pump you have.
this is what i did  then i just waited until the insurance approved everything for the pump supplies.    Your new pump will then be sent out to you .   This is only going on until November 24th for the trade in program.  The screen looks smaller then most pumps but it is really not it is bigger they use bigger font size on it.  They had someone that used to work for Medtronic tell them the things they liked about Medtronic and the things they did not like about Medtronic Insulin Pumps.  They took that information and made this pump.  It is as they say a snap to work.  Most people can wait until a week before they will have to change their Humalog cartridge on this pump .   I have a large dose of Basal rates so for me I made  it in 4 days but when I was on the Animas Ping I was changing out cartridges every 1 and half to 2 days.  My sales rep for the Pennsylvania area is Andy  Holder his telephone number is 610 999 6312 if you  are interested or would like more information about this pump please call him.  I am so thankful that I  took the plunge and decided to do the trial run for this pump .  I can almost say it is fun to be on this pump.  One more item of why I love this pump to see your status screen you push  one button and you have everything right in front of you.  If  you are a Type 1 or Type 2  Diabetic you will  want to be on this pump Call Andy today so you can get the information and go for the Free trial of this pump.  I liked it so much I signed up for it the day of training for the free trial.  I am going to have my new pump this week.   Andy Holder's telephone number to learn about and to go on the free trial of this pump is   610 999 6312.  I hope you will try out this pump.

Sincerely Yours

Ellen Gaffney

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Gluten Free Everything Under the Sun Summer Salad


The summer months I do not do much cooking .  It is just too hot to turn on the oven and make one of my master pieces
When it is hot out my husband is not hungry he is just happy with a sandwich,
I on the other hand am hungry so I am always trying to figure out what I am going to have
A few weeks back I was trying to make something that would be good tasting and really good for me
I began thinking up things and I came up with quite a winner of a everything under the sun salad
Here is my recipe
1 Package Quinoa Mediterranean this is at Giant on the top shelf in the rice Aisle
Make the Quinoa as directed on the package then place it in a large serving bowl
Slice up 5 stalks Celery
1 Bermuda sliced Onions or if you like better Red Onion
2 to 3 stalks Broccoli tops chopped up
1 can Chick Peas
1 can Eden Organic Cajun Rice & Beans this is also at Giant food stores in the organic gluten free Aisle
1 can WestBrae Natural Vegetarian Organic Salad also at the Giant Food store in the organic gluten free Aisle.
1 cup cooked Brown rice  
Mix everything together then season lightly with what ever spices you like.  I usually use a little garlic salt and pepper
I put about 1 cup to 1 and half cups of this salad over a plateful of Romaine lettuce
Then I drizzle 1 table spoon of Ken's Caesar dressing
I put about 2 tablespoons of shredded  Italian cheese over top of everything
This salad has helped my diabetes and my Celiac disease .  It gives me more energy and it helps out my blood sugars.  I love it .
When I first made this salad I thought I would have the salad for the whole week to have for dinner.  I was wrong.  My family began nibbling at it and in no time I have had to make this up 3 times in the last week
This is now my go to salad it  is really easy to make and it is good for all

Ellen Gaffney

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Giant Food Store in Flourtown PA 19031 now has Gluten Free Birthday Cakes


Giant Food Store in Flourtown PA  19031 now has  Gluten Free Birthday Cakes
These cakes come in chocolate and vanilla, they sell for 12.99 and they are approximately a 6 inch round cake.
The only thing is that you can not ask for any writing  or well wishes to   be put  on the cakes.  These cakes come in from a separate company .  The cakes are located in the Bakery department
I will be trying them out this week and I will let you know how they are
Flourtown Giant Food Stores
1874          Bethlehem Pike
Flourtown PA  19031
215 836 4300
For right now I only know this location that carries the gluten free Cakes but I am sure that more Giant Food Stores will be carrying them

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Friday, June 6, 2014

Shea and Mango Butter Lotion Candle


One of my favorite products on the Pink Papaya's website is the Shea and Mango Butter Lotion Candle.  Its starts out as a candle, you light the candle and after it  burns for awhile you blow it out and it becomes a soft soothing super moisturizing lotion.  This is even good for sore achy muscles.  It starts soothing right away and gives your skin lots of softness and warmth.  The candle part of it can be used again and again and it is all natural and gluten free of course.  It comes in three different scents  and the Shea and Mango Butter Lotion Candles are 5 oz
Lavender and Sweet Orange item number 00014
Grapefruit and Bergamot      item number 00016
Lemon Yuzu                          item number 00453
Once again the website is

Thank you again

Ellen Gaffney