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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tandem TSlim Insulin Pump


When Asante Snap insulin pump closed their doors last week.  I was confused upset and wondering what was I going to do.
I only had supplies for the Snap insulin pump for about another week.  I called my doctor's office to explain what had happened.  They unfortunately never got back to me.  I received from my son's doctor who is a Type 1 Diabetic the rep's phone numbers for Animas and Medtronic.  I called them immediately gave them all the information.  I  also told them I  was pressed for time. They took my information and did not get back to me for about 4 days by that time I  had already received my new pump.    My sister said why don't you call Gary  from Integrated Diabetes.  She is also a Type 1 diabetic.  Gary is outstanding he has a website and has classes for better control with diabetes being it for type 1 or type 2 Diabetes. His telephone number is 610 642 6055  .  I called him   I called him and he said if I  were you I would call the Tandem company .  They have an insulin pump called the Tslim and they have one called the Tflex insulin pumps both are fantastic.  He gave me their telephone number and the reps number.  This was on Monday morning I  called the rep and got her answering machine then I called Tandem.  I  spoke with Danica she was outstanding her number is 1877 801 6901 at extension 6893.  She took all my information told me their insurance verifyer was not in but would be in tomorrow Tuesday.  She let me know that she knew how important this was for me and let me know that they would take care of this right away.  Ryan called me the next day Tuesday went over my insurance again and doctor's information.  He had Angie the rep I left the message for go to my doctor's office and get all the paper work they needed on Wednesday.  By 5:00Pm on Wednesday he had it approved and sent out to me over night.  I was trained  on Friday and I  love the pump you can see it on the website   The insulin pump is easy to read and easy to use.  It has a rechargeable battery so I do not have to have batteries on hand.  They say that it needs to be recharged about every 7 days and it only takes 10 minutes to charge.  The pump is set up like a Samrt phone you just push whatever screen you would like to get into.  I love this pump also because all your important information is right on the front screen Insulin on board  how much insulin you have left and if you have any remaining insulin from the last time you bolused
Just wanted to let you know my decision on my new insulin pump.

Thank You

Ellen Gaffney

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Asante Snap insulin Pump


                                             Asante Snap Insulin Pump

I started using this pump around November of this year and I love it
To me it is one of the best pumps I have ever used.  it is almost fun to use
I have kept in close contact with this company.  I even talked with them this past Thursday.

On Friday I  received an email stating that they are closing their doors forever as of that night

I received an email at 8;30 PM at night of course when I  read it it was close to midnight on Friday night so there was nothing I could do but wait until the morning.

I began looking into what I  was gong to do to get another pump but it is hard to find reps on Saturdays .  I finally did.    I  also found out that my Endocrinologist is not on call on weekends and that she does not have an on call person for her calls on the weekends.  This was a bit maddening.

I called my son's pediatrician and asked him for  a rep for Medtronic insulin pumps and for Animas insulin pumps. He is also a type 1 Diabetic so I  thought he could help me.    I explained to him what had happened
He knew nothing about it and was shocked.   He very nicely gave me 2 names for Medtronic Tony Clark phone number 1 860 830 4053 and for the Animas pump company  Michael Weinberg  phone number 610 312 3593

For me I  am leaning towards the Medtronic insulin pump

Now it is just a matter of time waiting for the insurance company to approve it.
Mean while it is a little bit concerning as to why they closed .  Could  there be a problem with the Asante Snap pump? no way to know all they say is call your health care provider on their website.  I am very concerned about this

Just wanted you to know if you did not know this information already.

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thrive Market


I just came across a fantastic little market online.  It is call the Thrive market
They are all natural and organic.  This online market is like a Sam's club but with natural and organic health products skin care and foods.
I was looking for an all natural organic shampoo and this site came up.  I was really impressed.
When you are on the site go to search bar and put in gluten free and they will show what they have that is gluten free.  I  had put in gluten free shampoos and a number  of gluten free shampoos came on the site
They have a deal where you try it out for a month if you like it then you get charged a one time fee of 59.00.  The products are at whole sale pricing so they are  extremely cheap in price.  Most grocery stores even when they have a sale on a gluten free product these products will have lower prices on that particular item
You can see what I  mean by going to this website
I think you will be impressed as much as I am
I purchased a Fair Trade Shampoo that was 7.95 for a 32 oz shampoo
I  will let you know when I try it out what I  think of it but for that price I am very happy.  I just wanted to let you know that I  love love the shampoo it is really is  a great buy.  I had lots of volume and shine. I never use a conditioner , I put a tiny spot of olive  on my hands after my hair is dry and rub it through my hair .  it works great and it is a lot cheaper then purchasing a  separate conditioner.  Thrive market is fantastic just go to the link above and see how great this online market is.  if you spend 49.00 or more then it is free shipping .  They have everything all in one spot.   They have vitamins hair products food and  skin care .  it is a gluten free paradise.  

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney
484 684 6290

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Simple Beauty Mineral Makeup & Skin care Preoducts


Happy  Happy Easter & Passover
I hope you are enjoying the somewhat warmer temperatures not quite spring  type weather but at least it is not snow.
At least we  have had a few warmer days,   Hopefully more to come

I am writing today because I found an interesting company for make up and skin care products.  These products are all natural and organic
They have mineral make up and what is nice for the make up you can purchase a sample bag of mineral makeup goodies for 5.00 to see if they work well for you

I just did this for myself today.  The products are Vegan organic and gluten free with just a few ingredients in them.

They look very promising I have not tried them as of yet like I  said I  just purchased the samples but I  am impressed with them.

I talked with the owner today about the products and she knew all about Celiac disease and the problems that can occur if you are not using gluten free skin care and make up.  The products are also not too expensive.  The website is

I hope you have a great holiday tonight & tomorrow with your family and friends

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney
484 684 6290

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group


Hello Again

I hope you are all doing fine and are beginning to thaw out with spring coming upon us
I am writing you because I am the President of the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group
Our next meeting will be on March 20th 5:45 - 7:30 PM for meeting other Celiacs and  to go through the gluten free vendors that will be there for you to purchase some of their products.
We have about 10 - 15 vendors that will be there
some of the vendors that will be there will be as follows
The Happy Mixer  a gluten free bakery located in Chalfont PA
Bookbinder's gluten free soups
Girl Scout gluten free cookies
Dutch county Gluten Free Pretzels
Q's Cookies
Door to Door Organics online organic grocery store
Betsy's Bakery
Posh Pop Bakery
Giant Food Store ( Dietitian )
Our Speaker is Pam Cureton she is from the Maryland Celiac Research Institute
It should be a great meeting
Abington Memorial Hospital
1200 Old York Rd
Lenfest Pavilion First Floor
Abington PA  19001

It does cost 25.00 to join the group you get 2 newsletters a year and we meet twice a year at the hospital

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney
Presdient of the Greater Philadelphia Celiac Support Group

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weight Watchers & the Gluten Free Diet



Over the weekend I  joined Weight Watchers to lose some extra pounds that I have accumulated
I was very impressed with their diet plan
I did not want to do the weekly meetings so I joined online
They do have 100% online support which was another thing I was impressed with.
I did a chat with an online representative they  were even there on a Sunday and asked if they had gluten free options .  The representative said yes they do

I decided to join .  Right now they are having a special where it is free for the registration all you pay is the monthly amount of the particular type of diet plan that you decide.  I decided on the basic plan.  I pay $ 19.95 a month
They do have another option that you pay $ 54.95 every three months.  You do get more out of that plan. but the $19.95 a month was what I could afford
This was a present for myself since my birthday was on Friday the 27th of February.

Yesterday I began my Weight Watchers Journaling journey
Once you join you hit Tracking and you begin putting in for each meal what you are going to have for that particular meal

Weight watchers has a point system so you just put in each food and get the point value for that particular food.    I was going to have for dinner a Canyon Bake house roll with what I was going to have for dinner   I went to put that in and they do have names of particular gluten free companies but they did not have that one.  I was thinking now what do I do.  Then I saw on the left hand side that you could put the nutritional value of a particular item in and get the points for it so that is what I did.
I am only on the beginning stages of my weight loss journey but I  think it is good
it does make you think of what you are going to eat.  You are taking the time out and putting the foods down on paper and when you do that it makes you think do I really want to eat that or is there a better choice   You only have a set number of points that you can have a day.  Once they are done for the day that is all you can eat.  They determine how many points you  will have when you put in your weight and height and how much weight you would like to lose.  Every week you weigh your self and if you are losing weight they will adjust the points system for you

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chestnut Henna Shampoo bar from Chagrin Valley Soaps


Hello Again:

I had called the Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve company to say thank you for making such a great product with the Cafe Moreno shampoo bar
I explained  about my usual allergies and sensitivities to products and that their products did not do that to me
I further stated that my hair was mostly gray and that the Cafe Moreno was great it was giving me subtle high lights of color and that  I loved it

They said to me with your hair being mostly gray I would suggest the Chestnut Henna Shampoo Bar .   It  will give you a bit more color to your hair and a faster time of it.  I said to them I was a little bit hesitant in doing that   I felt that it would maybe because of the red tones in it make my hair orange or have pink tones.  They assured me that it would not

I felt well it is not very expensive I mind as well give it a try.  It did color my hair a bit more.  I love it .  I feel that the Cafe Moreno has a bit more conditioning  to my hair but the Chestnut Henna Shampoo does add the color I am trying to get.

I love both products my hair has never looked better and I  swear with switching to these shampoo bars my hair is in so much better condition and is growing more then it has ever grown before.

I shampoo my hair every other day and I think what I will do now is one time I  will use the Cafe Moreno   The next shampoo I  will use  the Chestnut Brown Henna shampoo bar.  I will alternate back and forth .

When I use the shampoo bars I shampoo and leave it on my head for about 15 - 20 minutes rinse and let dry naturally .  The results are just amazing soft full of volume and shine that stays until I shampoo again.

My hair is very short in a growing out pixie cut so there is lots of layers to it
The underneath layers are much darker the layers on top are just a bit darker in grey the contrast looks great.  It looks like I went to a salon and had it professionally done by a stylist  Before using these shampoo bars my hair was a very light silver grey underneath and white hair on top.  

I remember when my hair was first  going gray it was like this but a bit more dark then gray.  My hair was in great condition but with the gray through it it did not look in great condition.  I was going out with some friends for an outing and I  sprayed on it the Aveda Spray on shine and went out with my friends.  I was in a park and a gentleman came up to me and said how do you  get your hair to look like that your hair is gorgeous.  The way the sun shines on it it looks like tiny little fireworks of light going through your darker strands of hair.  He asked me what color I used to get it that way and if it was a frosting.  I said to him it is natural I did not do anything accept spray a shine on spray on it.  He said to me it is magnificent.  This is the way my hair looks now and  I love it.   It is nice to just wash my hair let it sit for 15 - 20 minutes rinse brush into the style I  want to achieve and let nature do the rest.

Yesterday was my birthday I am now 54 years young  and I feel that I am getting better with age .  I guess I am like a fine wine that just needs to mature to get the right pairing to get the results that I want for my hair.  I think I  have finally done what I was trying to do for the last 20 year and all it took was two magnificent shampoo bars.  Who would of thought 2 shampoo bars would have made my hair go from ok to a hit parade .  The website once again is

Thank you

Ellen Gaffney